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Dr. Romaric Odoulami

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Statistical Methods for Climate Science

Dr. Romaric C. Odoulami joined the AXA Research Chair Programme in African Climate Risk at ACDI as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in November 2017. He is part of a multi-disciplinary team, from University of Cape Town and University of Oxford, which has interest in climate, hydrological, ecological and socio-economic sciences. As part of the fellowship, he is conducting advanced research on weather/climate event attribution in the Southern African context with a main focus on the Western Cape drought underlying the 2017 water crisis – mostly refer to as the “Day Zero” crisis – in Cape Town.

Romaric holds a Ph.D. in Meteorology and Climate Science with a background in Agricultural science. His Ph.D. research examined the potential impacts of large scale changes in land cover on climate extremes over West Africa based on a regional climate modelling approach. He also has experience in climate modelling and climate change analysis.

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