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Herilanto Adrien Andriamparany Rakotondramanana


Taught Masters, 2019/2020

While at AIMS, Adrien dedicated his research efforts to unraveling the intricacies of plane cubic curves, particularly delving into the Weierstrass normal form. This involved a comprehensive examination of the properties and characteristics inherent in these curves, aiming to elucidate their behavior and significance within the realm of algebraic geometry. By studying the Weierstrass normal form, Adrien aimed to uncover deeper insights into the structure and classification of plane cubic curves, ultimately contributing to the advancement of mathematical knowledge in this field.

Adrien said, and we quote him: “AIMS Cameroon granted me insight into the power of math in solving real-world challenges through data. This sparked my interest in Data Science. Currently interning as a Data & Business Analyst at Madagascar Business Intelligence, I am eager to delve deeper into this field throughout my career journey”.

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