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James Jr. Njong


Taught Masters, 2018/2019

Passionate About Mathematics Tools For Marketing And Operations Management

James is a dynamic problem solver with excellent communication skills. After obtaining a Master’s in Pure Mathematics at the University of Buea, James joined AIMS- Cameroon to explore the applications of Mathematics in solving real-world problems. This long-standing desire to use tools and techniques from Mathematics in problems of Finance and Insurance was realized at AIMS where James was offered a series of foundational courses in Stochastic Analysis and Finance.

He later undertook a research project on Weather derivatives and has since submitted the ensuing paper for publication. Whilst at AIMS, James took up another in-house opportunity to obtain a post-graduate certificate in Business Management from the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT-Berlin) within the AIMS- ESMT IIP. The program, James says, prepared him for the business world and gave him adequate tools to find his way through a crowded market place. Prior to AIMS, James explored a passion for leadership and community development through engagements at the University of Buea Mathematics student union, where he served as secretary-general. AIMS, according to James, fortified these skills and experience through the opportunity to serve as the student representative of the sixth cohort at AIMS-Cameroon. He later went on to work as a software developer for the fintech startup WaZaHub in Buea before leaving to join AIMS-Cameroon again, where he supported teaching and coordinating the center’s industry initiative.

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