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Olivette Suzy Tchouangnou Chuagua


Taught Masters, 2022/2023

Olivette Tchouangnou is a passionate and hardworking woman, holder of a Master in mathematics, and keen to tackle real-world problems using tools and techniques of the mathematical sciences.

At AIMS, she explored in her research essay an integrated within-host and between-hosts mathematical model for the evolution of resistance to antimalarial drugs under the supervision of Dr. Woldegebriel Assefa Woldegerima.

‘There are still many unsolved or partially solved problems around the world, such as the case of malaria and other infectious diseases, whose annual mortality rates remain alarming. I feel the pain that results from this situation. This is a strong motivation for me to use the tools and experience gathered to contribute to the ultimate goal of clearing not only malaria but most infectious diseases from Africa’, she says.

Before joining AIMS, she obtained a Master of Science degree in mathematical modeling and scientific computing from the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaounde, Cameroon. Just after obtaining her Master’s degree, she had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant in its Mathematics and Physical Sciences Department. Olivette is currently a pre-doctoral student at Heidelberg University, Germany.

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