December 11, 2017

AIMS Cameroon Inks New Partnership Deal with GroupeOne Holding Company

On October 5th 2017, Prof Mama Foupougnigni, AIMS Cameroon President, and Mr Gabriel Dima CEO of GroupOne Holding Company (Group1) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish an overarching framework for collaboration.

GroupOne Holding Company is a group of enterprises created in 1998 in Limbe, Fako Division, South West region of Cameroon. The holding offers services in advertising, agriculture, asphalting, business education, engineering, hospitality, import and export, insurance, maritime logistics, recruitment and real-estate security.

The collaboration between both entities will be based on a mutually agreed program of activities in the domains of Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis to develop new tools to be used by GroupOne to increase productivity. The institutions will leverage each other’s expertise to facilitate programs which rely on algorithms and programming Infrastructural systems to identify and solve industry problems.

The MoU encompasses a number of strategic goals such as the design of new courses in response to industry specific needs; provision of internships to AIMS Co-op students; and the participation of AIMS in the professional development of Group1 staff. The promotion of gender equality, inclusion and diversity will be a priority in course of this collaboration.

The agreement was concluded under the framework of the AIMS Industry Initiative, which sets out to connect AIMS Cooperative Master’s scholars to industry partners in a bid to contribute to Africa’s economy through human capital, knowledge transfer and applied research.

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