December 19, 2017

AIMS Students teach Limbe District Hospital Staff how to use Microsoft Word

As part of the AIMS programme, it is primordial for students to be able to give back to the community, in whatever way they deem fit.

It is for this reason five students embarked on a journey at 2:00pm to the Limbe District Hospital, with the aim of teaching hospital staff how to use Microsoft Word.

After a brief presentation on what Microsoft is, they immediately delved into practicals as they taught the staff

  • How to open Microsoft word
  • How to write a text on word
  • How to bolden, italicize and underline the text.
  • How to insert tables and merge the cell.
  • How to save, copy, cut, and paste the file.

They realized after the training with more than 15 in attendance, that most of them didn’t have any skill in computer.  This concern was taken up very seriously as they plan to remedy the situation in the next session.

On the part of the trainees, they were more than grateful to AIMS for their kind consideration towards them in their quest for national development and advancement in all aspects.

Bertrand showing them to start.
Training going on (James and Fernand training)
Group smiling

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