February 11, 2019


2019’s February 11 saw the coming together of The AIMS Cameroon students in commemoration of the international day of Women and Girls in Science.

Carefully organized by the gender club, the AIMS boys and girls promptly rallied at their lecture hall as they seized the opportunity to remind themselves of the rising need for female participation in the science field. Besides, it was a great forum to make merry, get re-inspired and to remember the role of girls and women to innovate, build and move forward.

The celebration was marked by motivational speeches, interactive quizzes, video projections on the life and achievements of pioneer female scientists and of course, merriment.

Talking in line with the day’s theme: Investment in Women and Girls in Science for Inclusive Green Growth, Four of Aims brightest females upped the spirit of the day as they passionately encouraged the girl child on ways to get involved and bring about the much-needed change in the world of Science.

We have to stop feeling inadequate, we have to erase our fears and stop magnifying our failures, we ought to have a fresh state of self-encouragement and the mindset of I Can and I Will”, Olajide Olajumoke FRANCISCA, an applied Mathematician insists.

Nessma Adil MAMOUD, head of AIMS Cameroon gender club, took another turn as she spoke on gender equality. ‘As Africans, we all are equal and we can make it through equal rights for all’ she quotes.

Everyone dispersed feeling impelled to be that change as the last part of the event portrayed the life and achievements of two award winning female scientist, Maryam Mirzakhani and Marie Curie as well as the stories of other female scientists who challenged the status quo.

By Sally Teke.

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