February 15, 2019

The TTP In-service training goes to the West

The AIMS TTP in its first year of training narrowed its training to the Mfoundi Region to monitor its effectiveness and feasibility before rolling out to the other Regions of Cameroon. After 3 successful in-service trainings, in its first year of implementation, it was time for the other Regions to tap from this fountain of innovative pedagogy. Till date, 10 trainings have taken place in 5 regions. Far North, Centre, South, East and West.

The most recent of these trainings, bringing the total number of trainings to 11, is the 2nd in-service teacher training in Bandjoun, West Region. This training started on the 21st and ended on the 26th of January 2019.  60 teachers were in attendance, 16 women and 44 men.

This set of teachers, of the French sub-system of education, were trained on how to teach in a more engaging and practical way in a bid to ameliorate their pedagogy and increase secondary school students’ interest in mathematics.

With the tone set on being a good teacher, the next 3 training sessions touched on how to become excellent teachers and the tools to use to enrich their lessons in order to pique their students’ interest. With all the knowledge gained during the first three days of the training, the fourth day was reserved for lesson delivery to their peers in preparation for an actual lesson delivery in a real classroom setting on the fifth day at Lycée de Mbo-Yom.

AIMS TTP, continues to enhance gender inclusion by encouraging nursing mothers to bring their babies along for the training.  It is primordial to AIMS TTP trainings that no nursing mother should be left out because of circumstances beyond their control.

These trainings are a reconfirmation therefore of the AIMS-NEI mission to propel Africa’s brightest students to their ultimate potential by giving them top notch training in mathematics. We believe that equipping mathematics teachers with the appropriate tools will fine tune their pedagogy, thus making more students interested in mathematics at an early stage and grooming them into the much-needed problem solvers of our continent

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