April 18, 2019

The AIMS-NEI President and CEO, Mr. Thierry Zomahoun, Visits TTP Cameroon’s Headquarters

The AIMS-NEI President and CEO, Mr. Thierry Zomahoun on Friday, April 12, 2019, visited the Teacher Training Simulation Laboratory at ENS Yaoundé.

Accompanied by his team form the secretariat, Mr. Rana Auditto, Mr. Romeo Essou, Ines Giramata, and Paterne, Mr. Thierry first made a brief stop at the ENS Director’s office to thank him for the unwavering support given to the AIMS project. In the cadre of AIMS TTP’s mission and a plan, he is working on with other Ministerial stakeholders, the ENS Director emphasized on the need for an extension of the program to the primary sector to solidify the base and imminently increase the pipeline of STEM enthusiasts. The PCEO assured him of such plans in the works and future collaborations.

Making a final stop at the TTP offices, the PCEO expressed his contentment with the quality and professionalism of the organization surrounding the renewal of the partnership agreements with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Government of Cameroon. He appreciated Prof. Mama for his stellar leadership in ensuring not only the renewal of the partnership agreement but its operationalization albeit without help from the secretariat. Mr. Thierry also congratulated AIMS Cameroon as the first center to achieve this milestone. He also thanked the whole AIMS team on a job well done in making the events a success. The AIMS TTP Director, Prof. Daniel Tieudjo, gave a presentation on TTP’s challenges and achievements. Responding to this presentation, the PCEO, Mr. Thierry Zomahoun, expressed his satisfaction on what TTP has achieved thus far and encouraged the team to keep putting their best foot forward in achieving TTP’s overarching goals.

Mr. Thierry in his final words challenged everyone to think innovatively in his or her departments and stressed on this as the only and most important tool in achieving the goals set out to achieve and beyond.

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