June 29, 2019

University Tour

AIMS Cameroon students and staff visit the University of Dschang

As part of AIMS Cameroon curriculum program, an exposure trip was made to the University of Dschang, Yaoundé, the National Advanced School of Engineering and the Universities Employment Forum by 47 students, 3 tutors and 4 staff from the 23rd of May 2018 to the 25th of MAY 2018.

The objectives of this tour were:

  • To present AIMS, its vision and mission and the opportunities it is offering to young talented Africans
  • Create more awareness about AIMS, collaborate and exchange with the National Universities the possibility of more specific partnerships within the framework of the general MOU;
  • To educate student of these universities on the importance of STEM in general and mathematics in particular, most especially the females.

The delegation was received by the Head of Department for Mathematics and Physics of the University of Dschang, who gave a warm welcome and expressed profound gratitude having the students of AIMS Cameroon in his institution. This was followed by the visit of the school library under the leadership of the postgraduate coordinator of maths and computer sciences, who took the students to all the various sections of the library explaining the types of books in each section.

AIMS students later gathered together with students of the Faculty of Science of the University of Dschang in a hall where a presentation of AIMS, its mission and vision and the numerous opportunities AIMS is offering to young talented Africans was passed to the students by the Academic Director, Prof. Marco Garuti. Some of these students received the information with great surprise given that it was their first time hearing about AIMS.

Two AIMS students by name Ebude Atem Yolande Ebong and Mandela Bright Quashie informed prospective students about AIMS scholarships and inspired female students to pursue their graduate studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).This boosted female students’ interest and confidence to persist and succeed in the STEM program and career. The Head of the Department for Physics, made a promise to give a return visit to AIMS.

A brief stop was made at the Bayangam palace where the students were warmly received by one of the notables, who took the student round explaining the history of how the palace was created. He also enlighten the students on how the palace functions. As the saying goes you can’t enter the palace and go empty handed, the team was offered fresh groundnut and palm wine.

On the 24th of May 2018, the students visited the National Advance School of Engineering which is the first of its kind in Cameroon. During this occasion, the students were warmly received by the Director of the Institution who said the mission of the institution is to

  • Improve student outcomes through engaging, hybrid learning environments.
  • Provide the tools and resources for developing a technologically skilled workforce.
  • Support and equip instructors through educational technology, curriculum and professional development to deliver exceptional and effective education.
  • Attract students to challenging and rewarding career opportunities.

The team was led by Mr. Edwin Binka who pointed out the fact that, the institution dedicated to the
training of Engineers in industrial robotic automation is part of Cameroon’s initiative to build its engineering education infrastructure. He further said the centre consists of 12 laboratories, over 100 robots and 160 computers dedicated to education in advanced technologies like robotics, automation and mechatronics. He later led the group in the various laboratories explaining the various functions of the robots and computers.

The students later made a brief stop at the University of Yaoundé I where they had a view of the laboratory and interacted with few students and lecturers.

From the University of Yaoundé I, the students moved to the Employment Forum which was a gathering of all universities to showcase the various programs offered in their various institutions. This was a great occasion for AIMS students, staff and tutors who seized the opportunity to share information about AIMS.

On the 25th of May 2018, the students, tutors and staff visited the Mathematics Teachers Training Program (TTP) based in Yaoundé. Upon arrival, the team was welcomed by the TTP Director, Prof. Daniel Tieujo. In his welcome speech, he said the program is funded by the MasterCard Foundation and it aims at enhancing the quality of secondary school mathematics education in both Francophone and Anglophone educational sub-systems in Cameroon.

Talking on the mission of TTP, Prof Daniel said the program is focused on;

  • Increasing the pipeline of students at tertiary level in Cameroon who are studying courses in STEM
  • Increasing the number of qualified mathematics teachers
  • Increasing the number of students graduating with high levels of proficiency relative to international benchmarks, and maximum interest and/or opportunity to pursue STEM subjects at the tertiary level;
  • Increase the quality of STEM education

Finally the IT Coordinator gave a brief presentation on the laboratory and the students left satisfied with their visit.

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