March 14, 2021

Saker Baptist College & GBHS Limbe Win Olympiad Trophies At AIMS-Cameroon

Calculate the number of sides a regular polygon has if each exterior angle is 15°? How can you get the number 100 by using four seven’s (7’s) and one (1)? Give a formula for the nth term in the sequence 1,3,9,27… were some of the quick questions students that were given during the Olympiad organised by AIMS-Cameroon’s Teacher Training Program in partnership with the South West Association of Mathematics Teachers (SWAMT) and the Association des Enseignants de Mathématiques du Sud Ouest (APMSO) to celebrate the second edition of the International Day of Mathematics on March 14th. The Competition dwelled on Quick Questions, Puzzles and Problem Solving. Saker Baptist College won the Olympiad trophy by default for secondary schools in the English Sub-System while Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Limbe grabbed the trophy in the French Sub-System category. The Olympiad and a Panel Discussion were the main highlights of the ceremony at AIMS-Cameroon in Limbe to celebrate the International Day of Mathematics on the theme: “Mathematics For A Better World”. Opening the ceremony earlier that afternoon, the Centre President of AIMS-Cameroon, Professor Mama Foupouagnigni explained that the celebration of the International Day of Mathematics was to enable students and the general public to be aware of the importance of Mathematics in education and in the development of the country. “Development is about mastery of Science, Technology and Mathematics. In general,
Mathematical Sciences happen to be the backbone of Science and Technology. This means that if you want to master Science and Technology, you have to master Mathematics. It also means that if you want to develop a country, citizens of that country have to master Mathematics. This is why Mathematics is so important that it deserves to be celebrated worldwide,” stated the Centre President of AIMS-Cameroon who ensured the celebration went on smoothly under the coordination of the Academic Director Professor Marco Garuti.

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