April 6, 2021

AIMS TTP Is Changing Students’ Poor Perception About Mathematics

The overall GOAL of AIMS Cameroon’s Teacher Training Programme is to improve the quality of teaching and learning of Mathematics in Cameroon to enrich the pipeline of students going to STEM education at tertiary level.

The enthusiasm, creative arts, mathematical thinking and income-generating skills demonstrated by secondary school students across the country during the celebration of the International Day of Mathematics on March 14 provided empirical evidence that Mathematics is now being learnt and taught differently.

New methods and lesson activities learnt by Mathematics teachers during 38 workshops organised since 2016 by AIMS TTP, are being shared in classrooms and students are showing greater interest in Mathematics. The poor perception or negative opinion about maths, maths teachers and maths teaching is changing. Mathematics is gradually being demystified by fun-filled lessons. Yes, Mathematics is now fun to an increasing number of students who like generations before them, dreaded the subject.

At Lycée Bilingue de Bafoussam “Ndiengdam” on March 12, students happily made footballs using regular polygon paper shapes. They have understood that Mathematics can open doors to money-making activities or careers.This is also proof of the impact of AIMS TTP’s workshops: About 1.7 million students impacted after the training of 1920 in-service teachers and over 900 pre-service teachers.

Photos: Lycée Bilingue de Bafoussam “Ndiengdam”

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