April 16, 2021

534 Students To Participate In AIMS TTP Regional Mathematics Olympiads

On Saturday April 17, 2021, over half a thousand students from both private and public secondary schools, representing the English and French Sub-systems of education in Cameroon, will sit in for the Mathematics Olympiads organized by the AIMS Teacher Training Program (TTP) in collaboration with the Government of Cameroon.

The four-hour competitive exams will run from 8:00am to 12:30pm with a 30-minute break. It will be taken by 271 male students and 263 female students selected from four classes: Form Five and Upper Sixth classes for the English sub-system of education, and Troisième and Terminale for the French sub-system. Two students from each class – male and female – will be representing their schools at the competition.

The competitions are organized and administered by many Regional Pedagogic Inspectors of Mathematics under the supervision of Regional Pedagogic Inspector Coordinators for Science (AIMS TTP Master Trainers and Regional Focal Points, respectively), and supported by AIMS TTP. The Olympiads will be held on Saturday, April 17th, at various schools in six Regional headquarters.  All COVID-19 barrier measures and conducive examination conditions will be respected.

These Regional Math Olympiads will have the best candidates selected for an AIMS TTP National Olympiad to take place early in May. The top 2 candidates per class at the National Olympiad will be recognized and awarded during the AIMS TTP National Awards, to take place in May. The Olympiads highlight the many brilliant young students that have the potential to continue learning mathematics and become the problem-solvers of the future, helping to develop Cameroon and Africa.  They will be the examples that will motivate and inspire other youth to take interest in and study Mathematics at the Secondary and Tertiary Levels of education.

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