May 14, 2021

80 Candidates Contest Tomorrow in AIMS TTP’s Pioneer National Olympiads

The AIMS TTP National Olympiads has been set for tomorrow Saturday May 15th 2021.  80 lead candidates from the Regional Olympiads of all ten regions of Cameroon, representing the English and French sub-systems of education, will contest.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Teacher Training Program (AIMS TTP) Cameroon, recently organized Regional Olympiads with equal chances given to male and female students. The upcoming National Olympiads will have equal numbers of boys and girls participating from the four classes involved- “Troisieme” and “Terminale”for the French sub-system and Form Five and Upper Sixth for the English sub-system of education. Each of these classes will have 20 students participating at the National Olympiads, two (2) from each region; one male, one female representing each class.

These young Mathematicians will be supervised by a team of AIMS TTP Master Trainers throughout the four-hour-long competition (from 8 am – 12 midday), solving Mathematical problems set in two sections: Part I and II, that reflect the syllabuses of each class: with a 30-minute break.

The best National male and female candidates of each class will be recognized and motivated by AIMS TTP. These Olympiads and AIMS-TTP activities aim to motivate and inspire more young Cameroonians to pursue Mathematics and STEM education at the tertiary level.

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