June 13, 2021

Cameroon’s CELESTE TCHAPMI Wins 2021 3MT Competition

The Data Science student beat 12 other student competitors from five (5) countries to bag the First Cash Prize yesterday June 12th 2021. Celeste Tchapmi Nono Nghotchouang emerged this year’s Champion after the publication of results by the jury which comprised of the Academic Director Prof. Marco Garuti, the Pedagogic Adviser of AIMS Teacher Training Program, Mrs Babila Emilia née Ghogomu and the Director of the University of Buea’s Postgraduate School, Prof. Gideon Ngwa.

With her presentation on “Healthcare Fraud Detection Using both Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Methods”, Celeste scored the highest average of points awarded by the jury which used clarity, content, stage management, mastery and time management as assessment criteria.

Celeste enables Cameroon to lift the trophy of the third edition of the Three Minute Thesis after Francisca Olajide of #Nigeria and Rose Bandolo of #Cameroon won the two preceding editions, respectively. She also sustained the legend that no man has ever won the #3MT competition in AIMS Cameroon.

Climate Science student Passy Mukami from Kenya won the Second Cash Prize while Data Science student Abigail Abeo from Ghana won the Third Cash Prize.

Data Science student Bernadin Tamo Amougou who came in the fourth position, won the Special Gender Prize. The first nine competitors received Certificates of Participation.

The proclamation of results concluded four tough days of competition. 37 students split into three Groups participated in the qualifying rounds on June 4th, 5th and 6th before the Grand Finale yesterday June 12th.

In a speech delivered to the students yesterday morning, the Centre President of AIMS Cameroon, Prof. Dr. Mama Foupouagnigni, explained the importance of the annual ‘Three Minute Thesis’ Competition. He said the objective of the 3MT is to enhance the communication skills of AIMS Cameroon students to communicate science to non-scientific audience.

Prof. Dr. Mama Foupouagnigni’s speech to students yesterday before the Final

“Less than 5 or 10% of citizens are scientific people and you will have to communicate science to everyone. You will have to explain to your family back at home what you did in school and how it is important for the community, the country and the continent. So this competition is really aimed at pushing you to improve your communication skills in science especially when you are addressing a non-technical audience. It forces you to reflect on what your thesis is all about, the problem you want to address, how you will address that problem but most importantly, what is its relevance to the country and the region, among others. So, I am really pleased that the students are supporting this initiative and that they are happy to compete,” he said.

3MT Finalists

Prof. Dr. Foupouagnigni also reminded the students that in future, whether as scientists or in the administration, they will have to communicate and that this is the right time to learn. “If you don’t communicate, you don’t exist,” he emphasized. The Centre President also urged the men to stand up since no man had won the annual competition since it was launched two years ago. He also expressed his anxiety to see the winner.

The 3MT competition is aimed at pushing students to improve their communication skills in science

And it came to pass that three women occupied the first three positions in the 2021 #3MT competition which was well organised and disputed. Prof. Marco Garuti did not fail in his closing address to thank the students and staff for the successful Third Edition of the #3MT competition■

Lots of suspense during the proclamation of results

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