August 21, 2021

AIMS Cameroon’s Centre President Creates “PROFESSOR MARCO ANDREA GARUTI EXCELLENCE AWARDS” For Overall Best Students

The Centre President of AIMS Cameroon and Chief Academic Officer of AIMS Global Network, Prof. Dr. Mama Foupouagnigni, this afternoon announced the creation of the “PROFESSOR MARCO ANDREA GARUTI EXCELLENCE AWARDS” to celebrate the overall best students, notably in the courses late Prof. Marco taught at AIMS, such as Algebraic Geometry, Fundamental Group, and Galois Theory.

Prof. Dr. Mama stated emphatically that late Prof. Marco has left a strong legacy in 50 months of work at AIMS, and AIMS Cameroon and the AIMS Global Network are committed to keeping his memory alive.

“After 50 months of work under my leadership, I can say without a single doubt that Marco is remembered as a highly competent and committed staff with excellent human values, passionate about the gender-responsive development of mathematical sciences in Africa. Marco will be remembered for having a higher level of integrity and loyalty while being an excellent team player with a great sense of humour. Finally, we will remember Marco for using his excellent human qualities to drive international academic cooperation, especially with international institutions, which I initiated, far beyond what I envisioned,” said the Centre President during the four-hour-long online Memorial Conference organised by AIMS Cameroon today in memory of her Academic Director Prof. Marco Garuti who passed away on July 28th, 2021.

Over 389 participants were present in the online conference where tributes from delegates of various cohorts since 2014, lecturers, tutors, government, the University of Buea, the National Advanced School of Public Works in Yaounde and the Garuti Family were delivered and appreciated by Prof. Marco Garuti’s widow, Mrs. Christine Garuti.


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