November 16, 2021

Three Students, Two Tutors and SONARA School Pupils Explore “Straight Lines” In Give-Back Activity

Primary school pupils in the Fourth Grade at SONARA Primary School in Limbe recently participated in a two-day AIMS Cameroon Give-Back activity carried out by two tutors, Sylvain Wagoum and Luigi Bernardi, and three AIMS students: Ariane Nidelle Meli Chrisko, Christabel Lemukong Ngufor and Souleymane Ouedraogo. The latter is a very dynamic student with a strong motivation in the field of “Quantum Physics” while Meli Chrisko and Christabel Ngufor are teachers by training.

During the first activity organized on November 4th, 2021, the children explored straight lines in a body activity, where the lines were represented by taut ropes. They created parallel lines, perpendicular lines, bundles of lines, and even a parabola!

On November 11th, 2021, the second activity was organized. The class switched to the usual straight lines, which were drawn on the Tales tables using a ruler. The children were free to explore the tool on their own. The resulting configurations satisfied both the tutors and the students.

The Tales Tables were taken from the Tales Project conceived by the OILER organization which believes that spreading the culture of logic and mathematics is one of the key factors to create a conscious society. OILER is working in partnership with LiSy Creative Education (LCE) Cameroon, a non-profit institution whose main objective is to develop the creativity and practical skills of secondary school students, to facilitate their social and professional integration after school.

OILER and LCE Cameroon have thus developed fun and creative activities in mathematics and physics to be implemented with primary and secondary school students in Limbe, such as the SONARA School.

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