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Abdulmumin Olayinka Oyeniyi


Taught Masters, 2019/2020

While at AIMS, Abdulmumin worked on an “Ecological Intervention For Lassa Fever Explored Using Deterministic Model”. He developed the framework for the transmission model following Nwasuka et al (2019) and incorporated the impact of bait- poisoning and predation. He performed a literature review to explore parameter estimates used in the transmission model and carried out a sensitivity analysis to demonstrate the impact of these parameters. He codes the model in the software R (using the R odin package), justified parameter estimates and entirely led the mathematical work to establish model equilibrium and calculate the basic reproduction of the system.

Abdulmumin is currently a graduate student at the Universita Degli Studi Dell’Aquila, Italy. He is a beneficiary of the International Master’s Degree Scholarship.

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