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Barthelemy Doba


Taught Masters, 2022/2023

Valedictorian, 2022-2023 Structured Master

After achieving exceptional results in the Baccalauréat C, Barthelemy pursued his passion for mathematics at the University of Douala where he graduated top of his class, and top of the Faculty of Sciences with a Bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics. He went on to obtain a Master’s I in Algebra, Analysis, and Geometry (AAG) as top student of the Faculty of Science in the same university, after which he applied for the AIMS Structured Masters Program under the Fundamental Science Stream.

At AIMS, Barthelemy’s dream to merge his expertise in pure mathematics to practical applications, and to leverage quantum computers to address the discrete logarithm problem prevalent in today’s crypto-systems became a lived reality as he acquired invaluable skills in Cryptography, Programming, Statistics, and Physics, and wrote an essay titled “Elliptic Curve – Quantum Computing” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Ruck. As a testament to his outstanding achievements and the strong network created at AIMS-Cameroon, Barthelemy has been granted eight prestigious scholarship positions spanning Italy, France, Pakistan, and Africa. He aspires to utilize the transformative power of mathematics to effect meaningful change in Africa and across the globe.

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