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Dorcas Mulenga


Taught Masters, 2022/2023

Dorcas Mulenga is a dedicated mathematician with a profound interest in harnessing the power of mathematics to address real-life challenges, particularly in the context of malaria. With a specialization in within-host mathematical modeling, Dorcas focused her AIMS master’s essay on a groundbreaking topic titled “A Within-Host Mathematical Model of Malaria Treatment with Artesunate and Epoxyazadiradione.”

Driven by a deep sense of purpose and a desire to make a positive impact in Africa’s fight against malaria, she is committed to providing innovative solutions to combat this devastating disease. By applying mathematical modeling techniques and analyzing the intricate dynamics of malaria treatment, Dorcas aims to contribute to the development of more effective strategies for managing and eradicating malaria in affected regions.

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