November 1, 2023

Fostering Student Leadership via Students’ Clubs/Associations

In the academic year 23/24, AIMS Cameroon witnessed the democratic election of club delegates across various domains, fostering student leadership and enhancing the vibrant extracurricular culture within our campus. The process was marked by enthusiasm, dedication, and a commitment to ensuring that every student’s voice is heard.

The election season kicked off with each club – IT, Media, Social, Gender, Health, Logistics, and Sports – preparing to choose their respective delegates. Students from diverse backgrounds, culture and interests eagerly participated in this democratic exercise, recognizing the pivotal role that club delegates play in shaping the activities and initiatives of these clubs.

To ensure a fair and transparent election process, a dedicated Election Committee was formed which was led by Madam Doris Ngeche, comprising both faculty members and student representatives. Their primary responsibility was to oversee the entire election process, from the nomination phase to the final vote count. The committee worked diligently to ensure that every student had an equal opportunity to run for a delegate position and to vote for their preferred candidate.

Nominations for delegate positions were opened, allowing students to step forward and present their visions for their respective clubs. This phase was marked by passionate speeches, and a series of candidate forums that allowed students to engage with the hopeful delegates and understand their platforms.Students from various disciplines and backgrounds came forward with innovative ideas and proposals, promising to contribute positively to their respective clubs.

One of the remarkable aspects of these elections was the high voter turnout. Students exhibited their commitment to the democratic process by actively participating in the voting process. The enthusiasm of the student body was a testament to the value they place on their clubs and the desire to have their voices heard through their chosen delegates.

After a thorough and meticulous count of the votes, the Election Committee announced the dully verified results and the leaders resumes their responsibilities of representing their respective clubs and working collaboratively with their peers to bring forth new ideas, organize events, and contribute to the overall growth and development of our institution’s extracurricular scene.

In conclusion, the election of club delegates in the academic year 23/24 has been a testament to AIMS-Cameroon’s commitment to nurturing student leadership and fostering a sense of belonging among our diverse student body from different country.

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