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Patient Murhula Buhendwa


Taught Masters, 2021/2022

Patient is a man who initially had a passion for architecture and civil engineering, but then developed a curiosity for the physical sciences and experiments, which led him to develop a particular passion for mathematics. After completing his high school studies, he decided to pursue his academic studies in mathematics at ISP-Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. When he finished his bachelor’s degree, he was recruited for a Master’s program in fundamental science at AIMS-Cameroon, where he continued his mathematical adventures.

Mr Murhula Buhendwa is particularly interested in differential geometry and algebraic geometry. Before joining AIMS he was interested in the study of Lie algebra fibers over a differential variety, and at AIMS he worked on a particular class of varieties: toric varieties, which are algebraic varieties containing an algebraic torus as a dense open subset, such that the action of this on itself extends to the whole variety. He developed different ways of constructing these varieties and showed a certain correspondence between them.

Patient is currently working at his home university, ISP-Bukavu, as a research assistant in the Mathematics Department, and hopes soon to continue with his doctorate in the field that has always fascinated him.

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