Herilanto Adrien Andriamparany Rakotondramanana

While at AIMS, Adrien dedicated his research efforts to unraveling the intricacies of plane cubic curves, particularly delving into the Weierstrass normal form. This involved a comprehensive examination of the properties and characteristics inherent in these curves, aiming to elucidate their behavior and significance within the realm of algebraic geometry. By studying the Weierstrass normal

Dr. Merlin Mouafo Wouodjié

Merlin was born in the northern region of Cameroon (Yagoua). He obtained a Master I in applied Mathematics at the University of Douala (Cameroon), then a Master II in pure Mathematics (analysis) at the University of Yaoundé (Cameroon). In 2013, he was selected for another Master’s programme in Mathematics and Sciences at the African Institute

Brinda Detouo

Brinda Detouo graduated from AIMS-Cameroon in the year 2023 in the field of Climate Science. After graduating, she participated in the IIP program, which focused on industry learning. During the latter program, she completed an internship at S2 Services in Cameroon.Currently, Brinda is working with an organization called African Tech Women to assist them with

Elochukwu Maryethel OGBUAGU

Elochukwu Maryethel Ogbuagu is a lecturer at the Federal College of Education (Technical ) Umunze, Nigeria. I hold a BSc, MSc and PhD in Applied Mathematics. She is a Jim Leech fellow and currently a MasterCard ambassador. Her research interest is on the Mathematical Modelling of infectious disease.

Daphne Tatenda MACHANGARA

Originally from Zimbabwe, Daphne graduated from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in 2014, with a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Operations research and statistics.She joined AIMS Cameroon in 2017 as Cooperative Mater’s student. While at AIMS, she did a 6 months internship at Regional Hospital Limbe (RHL) Cameroon, where she did

Sulyman Iyanda

Sulyman Iyanda is currently studying and working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), applying his analytical and computational skills to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics and statistics. He earned his first master’s degree in mathematical sciences from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in

Dorcas Mulenga

Dorcas Mulenga is a dedicated mathematician with a profound interest in harnessing the power of mathematics to address real-life challenges, particularly in the context of malaria. With a specialization in within-host mathematical modeling, Dorcas focused her AIMS master’s essay on a groundbreaking topic titled “A Within-Host Mathematical Model of Malaria Treatment with Artesunate and Epoxyazadiradione.”

Adigun Deborah Amos

Adigun Deborah Amos, young lady from the western part of Nigeria but bred in the middle belt (Plateau State), firmly believes AIMS was a springboard to navigating through her educational and life pursuit. Prior to joining AIMS, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the renowned University of Jos in northern Nigeria. Her Project

Junior Parfait Ngalamo

Junior Parfait began his higher education at the University of Dschang, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Mathematics with a major in Analysis. He then had the privilege of being selected at AIMS Cameroon as a student in Fundamental Mathematics’ stream where he acquired programming skills and deepened his knowledge in various areas of

Olivette Suzy Tchouangnou Chuagua

Olivette Tchouangnou is a passionate and hardworking woman, holder of a Master in mathematics, and keen to tackle real-world problems using tools and techniques of the mathematical sciences. At AIMS, she explored in her research essay an integrated within-host and between-hosts mathematical model for the evolution of resistance to antimalarial drugs under the supervision of