Visiting Prof. Martin Baffles AIMS Students With German Waffles

His coming to AIMS Cameroon’s Centre of Excellence in Limbe every year is always full extracurricular expectations and surprises. Beyond leading brilliant students from several African countries into the labyrinths of mathematical modelling, Prof. Martin Eichner is an unbeatable ice-breaker away from the classroom. Students of every cohort he has taught over several years keep

AIMS-Cameroon Regrets the Passing of Prof. Thomas Rusuhuzwa Kigabo

He was a fervent contributor to the academic development of AIMS-Cameroon students. Prior to his passing, Prof. Thomas Kigabo was a seasoned visiting lecturer of Econometrics at the AIMS-Cameroon Centre of Excellence, inspiring through his lectures and personality the next generation of African scientists. His passing is indeed a great loss, not just for AIMS-Cameroon

Mathematics Students Produce TABLE MATS During Lesson Activity In Bafoussam

After earrings, 5eme C (Form II) students of Lycée Classique in Bafoussam have achieved another income-generating skill during a Mathematics assignment on Regular Polygon Shapes given by their AIMS TTP-trained Mathematics teacher Solange Foka. The December 17th-20th weekend assignment was to produce a set of Table Mats using a polygon shape of their choice. “Let