2021 Alumna LUCY KIMOTHO Researches On The Impact of Bias Correction on Future Projections of Photo-Voltaic Power Generation Over Kenya

Supervised by: Prof Babatunde Abiodun of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Kenyan-born Lucy Kimotho Wangari submitted this interesting research work in partial fulfillment of her Structured Master’s Degree at AIMS-Cameroon on 25 June 2021. According to Lucy Kimotho, it is becoming increasingly evident that the countries that have done the least to cause climate catastrophes

Three Students, Two Tutors and SONARA School Pupils Explore “Straight Lines” In Give-Back Activity

Primary school pupils in the Fourth Grade at SONARA Primary School in Limbe recently participated in a two-day AIMS Cameroon Give-Back activity carried out by two tutors, Sylvain Wagoum and Luigi Bernardi, and three AIMS students: Ariane Nidelle Meli Chrisko, Christabel Lemukong Ngufor and Souleymane Ouedraogo. The latter is a very dynamic student with a

Confection des projets pédagogiques et des fiches d’activités: PAS DE VACANCES POUR LES CLUSTERS LEADERS

Les lignes pédagogiques ont bougé cette année dans l’enseignement des mathématiques au secondaire. En effet, plus de 200 enseignants formés par AIMS TTP comme leaders de Clusters et réunis dans un forum WhatsApp ont donné le ton pendant les vacances en vue d’Enseigner les Mathématiques Autrement. Durant trois mois et dans un échange engagé 24/24

AIMS Alumnus NKUIATE HARRIS SOP Celebrates WORLD SCIENCE DAY With “Give-Back” Science Advocacy & Climate Change Awareness in Buea University and Schools

November 10th was set aside by UNESCO as World Science Day for Peace and Development to commemorate the importance of science in building peaceful and sustainable societies. The day aimed to strengthen public awareness, promote solidarity, renew commitments, and draw attention to challenges faced by science and raise support. The theme of this year’s celebration

Dr. ETIENNE WAMBA Lectures Students on Concepts in Physics and Physical Problem Solving

Our 9th cohort students are this week completing the Skills Phase of the First Block in the academic calendar with a course titled “Concepts in Physics and  Physical Problem Solving” taught by Dr. Etienne Wamba. He has lectured the students on The Classical Motion with Newton’s Second Law & Euler-Lagrange equation; The Electric Field with

Students Begin ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK To Learn Business Start-Up Ideas Using “The Fireside Experience”

Despite having great ideas, students experience challenges formalizing their ideas and creating access to funds. These ideas consequently end up being wasted and the opportunity to chart a career in entrepreneurship goes to waste with the idea. AIMS is cognizant of the role STEM skilled entrepreneurs have to play in the development of Africa, and

ARIANE NIDELLE MELI and CALEB SIMIYU KHAEMBA Voted Student Representatives For The 2021-2022 Academic Year

Both students were elected during a voting exercise on November 1, 2021. Ariane Nidelle Meli Chrisko is from Cameroon. She is a student in the Fundamental Science Stream of the Structured Master’s Degree Programme. Caleb Simuyu Khaemba hails from Kenya and is also a student in the Fundamental Science Stream of the Structured Master’s Degree Programme.

Feodor-Lynen Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. FLORIANE MEFO KUE Lectures Students On Bilevel Optimization Problems and Newton-type Methods

She mounted the podium of the main lecture hall on October 19th, 2021 to give a talk to 9th Cohort students on her research work titled “Bilevel Optimization Problems and Newton-type Methods” To the attentive audience, Dr. Kue gave several theoretical foundations of bilevel programming problems and introduced them to different reformulations as one-level optimization

Ph.D. Research Fellow L.L. DJOMEGNE NJOUKOUE Publishes New Paper Which Extends Stackelberg–Nash Strategy To An Unbounded Domain

This major milestone in research on the Stackelberg–Nash strategy for Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) has been attained by AIMS Cameroon Ph.D. Research Fellow LIONEL LANDRY DJOMEGNE NJOUKOUE in his new research paper titled “Hierarchic Control for a Nonlinear Parabolic Equation in an Unbounded Domain”. The paper was recently published on September 29th, 2021 in the