Research Project Supervisors

Overview The AIMS Master’s in Mathematical Sciences includes a research project, which makes up one third of the course. The purpose of an AIMS research project is: The project contains a survey of literature and methods at the forefront of some topic appropriate for a student beginning research in the Mathematical Sciences. It typically contains


The stage is being set for the largest public gathering in AIMS Cameroon cooperative education history, with the maiden edition of the AIMS Cameroon career fair and science communication challenge. Following a rigourous ten months postgraduate training in mathematical sciences, the career fair will bring together leading actors in Cameroon’s growing market scene, to explore,

Prof. Kristan Schneider Completes a three weeks stay at AIMS-Cameroon teaching a review course on Mathematical Population Genetics

Ever wondered why certain malaria drugs stop working for you after some time ? Why do the parasites in your system develop resistance to these drugs and treating yourself from malaria requires new medication? Our students have been exploring these questions for the last three weeks with the German Mathematical Biology professor, Kristan Schneider, who

2021 Alumna LUCY KIMOTHO Researches On The Impact of Bias Correction on Future Projections of Photo-Voltaic Power Generation Over Kenya

Supervised by: Prof Babatunde Abiodun of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Kenyan-born Lucy Kimotho Wangari submitted this interesting research work in partial fulfillment of her Structured Master’s Degree at AIMS-Cameroon on 25 June 2021. According to Lucy Kimotho, it is becoming increasingly evident that the countries that have done the least to cause climate catastrophes

Three Students, Two Tutors and SONARA School Pupils Explore “Straight Lines” In Give-Back Activity

Primary school pupils in the Fourth Grade at SONARA Primary School in Limbe recently participated in a two-day AIMS Cameroon Give-Back activity carried out by two tutors, Sylvain Wagoum and Luigi Bernardi, and three AIMS students: Ariane Nidelle Meli Chrisko, Christabel Lemukong Ngufor and Souleymane Ouedraogo. The latter is a very dynamic student with a

Confection des projets pédagogiques et des fiches d’activités: PAS DE VACANCES POUR LES CLUSTERS LEADERS

Les lignes pédagogiques ont bougé cette année dans l’enseignement des mathématiques au secondaire. En effet, plus de 200 enseignants formés par AIMS TTP comme leaders de Clusters et réunis dans un forum WhatsApp ont donné le ton pendant les vacances en vue d’Enseigner les Mathématiques Autrement. Durant trois mois et dans un échange engagé 24/24

2021 Alumna VICTORIA OKESIPE Reveals Negative Impact of Climate Change On Insurance Business & Makes Recommendations

Climate Change describes the variation in the long-term average weather conditions which in turn occasionally produces climate extreme values leading to a higher frequency and the severity of major weather events. For 2021 alumna Nigerian-born Victoria Okesipe Oluwakemi, such events may lead to a higher number of costly claims from property and casualty insurers, which

NESSMA ADIL YOUSIF Wins DAAD Prize for Best Presentation at 2021 AIMS-Germany Minisymposium on Applied Mathematics

The presentation by the Sudanese-born AIMS Cameroon 2020 Cooperative Master’s alumna won among 24 talks delivered at this year’s edition of the scientific event dubbed “AIMS-Germany Minisymposium on Applied Mathematics 2021” hosted by the University of Passau. A release by co-organizer Prof. Dr. Vladimir Shikhman of Chemnitz University of Technology says the three winners of the German Academic Exchange